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Hello I'm Tommy Hensby, the eye behind the camera lenses. Equipped with cutting-edge technology from Sony, Tamron, and a range of high-end lighting and audio equipment, I use my knowledge and experience to create high-quality imagery and video for your personal and corporate needs. 


I work with customers and businesses in Oakville, Burlington, Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. 


With a diploma in contemporary media/photography from Fanshawe College and 10 years of professional expertise, I've also had the honor of sharing my insights with aspiring photographers as a guest speaker at various colleges and as a judge in image competitions.


Throughout my career, I've worked with well-known companies such as Farmboy, McLaren, Second Cup Canada, Acclaim Health, and others. One of my portfolio highlights includes Political Portraits for Business Events, as I have photographed Canadian politicians at Oakville Chamber events.


My work has been published in newspapers and magazines, including SnapdOakville and Oakville Chamber magazine features.


Here is a summary of the services I provide: 


Photography: I capture portraits and events, such as weddings, proposals, sports, business events, and much more, including promotional material for your business in areas such as architecture and food.


Videography: I provide high-quality videos for your marketing needs, including corporate events, interviews, other social media materials, and much more.


Social Media Creation: I manage your brand's online presence with visually striking content tailored for social media platforms. I craft unique images and videos that engage and inspire your audience.


1 on 1 Classes: I offer personalized photography lessons, guiding enthusiasts like you to unlock creative potential and learn the art of photography with hands-on classes adapted to your needs and skill level. Sharing knowledge is a passion of mine.


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